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Ruby Pigeon’s Blood

Ruby Pigeon’s Blood

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Weighing 1.10 carats, this radiant octagon-cut ruby boasts a deep red hue that is often referred to as “Pigeon’s Blood,” signifying its remarkable color intensity and quality.

Pigeon’s Blood is a term reserved for the most exceptional rubies, describing a deep and vivid red hue that is truly mesmerizing. This ruby embodies the allure of this coveted color, making it a rare and valuable gemstone.

Radiant Octagon Brilliance:

The octagon shape adds a touch of modernity and uniqueness to this ruby. With its sharp lines and brilliant faceting, it sparkles brilliantly and offers a distinctive appearance that sets it apart from other cuts.

This ruby has been treated through heating, a common and accepted practice in the gemstone industry to enhance the gem’s color and overall appeal.

A Precious Find from Burma:

Burmese rubies are esteemed for their quality, and this ruby is no exception. Sourced from the gem-rich lands of Burma, it carries with it the heritage of a region renowned for producing some of the world’s most sought-after rubies.

Your Opportunity to Own a Masterpiece:

This Pigeon’s Blood Ruby is a testament to nature’s artistry and the skill of expert gem cutters. Whether you envision it as the centerpiece of an engagement ring, pendant, or other jewelry piece, this ruby is your opportunity to own a true masterpiece of the gem world.

weight, ct: 1.10

color: red, Pigeon’s Blood

shape: radiant, octagon

measurments (mm): 7.15x4.53x3.19

treatment: heating

origin: Burma

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