Sapphire Unheated Color Change 1.27

Sapphire Unheated Color Change 1.27

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Unheated Color Change Sapphire – A Shimmering Marvel from Madagascar

Presenting the Unheated Color Change Sapphire, a gem of enchanting beauty and versatility. With a weight of 1.27 carats, this oval-shaped sapphire is a true wonder, transitioning gracefully between captivating shades of blue and violet without any treatment.

The allure of this sapphire lies in its unique ability to change colors. In natural light, it radiates shades of mesmerizing blue, but under different lighting conditions, it transforms into a delicate violet hue, creating a delightful and ever-changing visual experience.

Oval-Shaped Elegance:

The oval shape adds a touch of sophistication and timelessness to this sapphire. With its balanced proportions and brilliant faceting, it offers a versatile canvas for your creative jewelry design.

Unheated Beauty:

This sapphire is completely untreated, preserving its natural color change phenomenon. This rarity ensures that the magic of the gem is as authentic as the day it was unearthed, making it all the more special.

A Gem from Madagascar:

Sourced from Madagascar, this sapphire carries with it the mystique of this unique gemological locale. Madagascar is known for producing a variety of precious gemstones, and this color-changing sapphire is a testament to the country’s rich natural treasures.

weight, ct: 1.27

color: blue, violet

shape: oval

measurments (mm):

treatment: none

origin: Madagascar

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