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Sapphire Unheated Pink 2.07

Sapphire Unheated Pink 2.07

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This beautiful gemstone is an unheated Pink Sapphire, displaying a delightful combination of pink and violet hues. Weighing 2.07 carats, it features a radiant shape, adding a unique and sophisticated aspect to its overall appearance.

This Hot Pink Sapphire has not undergone any treatments, ensuring that its natural beauty is preserved.

Originating from Madagascar, a renowned source for a variety of gemstones, this Pink Sapphire carries the distinctive characteristics associated with gems from this region. For a comprehensive understanding of the gem’s features, it is advisable to consult with a gemologist or refer to a gemological report if available.

Gemstone: Unheated Pink Sapphire

Color: Pink, Red, Violet

Weight: 2.07 carats

Shape: Octagon, radiant

Measurements (mm): 7.29 x 6.46 x 4.26

Treatment: None

Origin: Madagascar

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