Spinel Pink 4.12

Spinel Pink 4.12

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weight, ct: 4.12

color: purple, pink

shape: oval

treatment: None

origin: Burma

Pink Spinel – The Elegance of Burma’s Gem Treasures

Introducing a magnificent Purplish-pink Spinel from the treasure troves of Burma, this gem weighs 4.12 carats and boasts a delightful hue. Its oval shape and untouched, untreated nature make it an exquisite choice for creating a piece of jewelry that will stand the test of time.

The Blush of Elegance:

This Pink Spinel carries a captivating non-trivial color that exudes elegance and charm. Its gentle hue is perfect for those who appreciate subtlety and grace in their gemstone jewelry.

Oval-Shaped Allure:

The oval shape of this spinel adds a touch of classic elegance and versatility. It’s a shape that complements a wide range of jewelry designs, from traditional to contemporary.

Untouched Beauty:

This spinel has not undergone any treatments or enhancements, preserving its natural beauty and color. Its purity and authenticity are a testament to the quality of gemstones originating from Burma.

A Gem from Burma:

Burma, known for its rich gemological heritage, is a renowned source of precious gemstones. This spinel is a fine example of the country’s ability to produce remarkable gems that are highly sought after by connoisseurs and collectors.


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