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Gem AnaStation #389

Studs HANASHINJU Tahiti 8.5mm

Studs HANASHINJU Tahiti 8.5mm

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Gold: 18K White

Stone: Tahitian Natural Pearls 8.5-8.8 mm, grey

Jewelry weight, gr:

Mr. Kazuo Komatsu cuted diamonds 50 years before he took a difficult challenge to cut sea pearl. It took ten years, but Mr. Komatsu worked even after a cerebral hemorrhage, polishing with one paralyzed arm. And in 1992, pearls "HANASHINJU" appear and become famous. Outstanding glow in the nacre on the faceted surface of the pearl, flooding the pearl with a sublime light surprised even its creator! "HANASHINJU" pearls won American gem cutting contest "Gemmys" and received the Prime Minister's Award at the Monodzukuri Japan Grand Prix. This miracle was evaluated as a true value even in a conservative Japan, where historically pearls expected to be smooth and round.  HANASHINJU is patent goods and is a registered trademark. 

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